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By doing so, we know that like every person who works hard for their homes, businesses, families and possessions, you are concerned about the impact of crime in the UK. Our personal safety, and the things and people that we seek to protect, are of paramount importance and at Community First Initiative Magazine it is our philosophy to ensure that people know as much as possible about how to keep these safe. Our website and our virtual and hard copy magazines are an excellent way of achieving this goal and throughout the coming years we will be spreading our word as extensively as possible to help people like you stay safe and unaffected by crime.


Our research shows that in these fast paced lives that we lead, it can be all too easy to overlook some of the most basic forms of crime prevention. In addition to encouraging our readership to stay refreshed on these, we also look at the amazing steps that the police are taking to take the fight back to the criminals. It is reassuring to know that we are protected by a dedicated, indeed heroic set of emergency services in the UK – something we should be proud of and never take for granted. But of course prevention should start with the individual – although we know we can rely on the emergency services, it is of course better not to require their services in the first place! Sadly however, it is often inevitable that we will and Community First Initiative Magazine aims to fly the flag for their support whenever possible.


Community First Initiative is for anyone and everyone who wants to stay one step ahead of the many forms of crime that threaten us, both the basic and ingenious types of criminal that exist to compromise and tarnish our lives and livelihoods. Community First Initiative Magazine is for cyclists, motorists, business-people, pensioners – the strong and the vulnerable, the naive and the wise, whoever you are, Community First Initiative Magazine is for YOU!

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Community First Initiative

About Us

Community First Initiative Magazine was the brainchild of a group of normal hardworking individuals who, like so many others, had been affected by crime on numerous occasions. With backgrounds in the armed forces, the security industry and the police, we decided that so many of these crimes were avoidable and it became increasingly apparent that if, with our background, we were falling victim to criminals, then there must be so many others similarly affected by crimes that, with the right information, need not have happened.


The government do an admirable job of promoting crime prevention, but we felt that a more proactive approach could only be a force for good. That’s why we aim to provide excellent crime prevention advice to as many homes, businesses and schools as possible. We are aware that a determined criminal is not an easy enemy to deter, but knowledge is power and armed with just a little of the right advice, we can make their cruel, selfish lives as difficult as possible. So are you with us or against us? If you, like us, want to enjoy a life as unaffected by crime as possible then enjoy our site and our magazines, and share your experiences and advice with us. Together we are a force to be reckoned with – a force for change!

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Due to the subject matter, our magazines and E-zines have a widespread readership and reach out to many people in a number of ways. Because we stand for honesty and integrity, we welcome applications for advertising within our publications from businesses that uphold these virtues.


Demand for space within the Community First Initiative Magazine is always high due to the professionalism of our talented design team, the quality of our advertisements, and of course the effectiveness of the advertising. Not only do we offer excellent value for money, but also the opportunity to show your customers that you are in partnership with an organization that cares about your community, and is taking a forward thinking approach to protecting the well-being of the people in it.


So why not send us an email with your requirements? You will be appointed your own senior marketing advisor who will work with you to ensure you get the best service possible, and remember that by advertising in

Community First Initiative Magazine you are standing shoulder to shoulder with the fight against crime!

Call: 0333 772 0644 • email:


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