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UK Police Video's

How to Beat the Burglar

Innovative new burglary advice film highlighting a number of home security tips which everyone can put in place to help them avoid being victims of crime. The video shows a crime prevention officer visiting someones home to give them advice on their home security.


Help protect your vehicle from keyless theft

Last year, Ian Taylor's keyless car was stolen by thieves. He didn't take any chances with his next vehicle - he used a steering wheel lock to give it extra security. So when thieves tried to steal his car again, they were out of luck.


MOD Police: In Defence of the Nation

Commissioned by Defence Police Federation.

Did you know?

A film showing the wide range of work performed by Essex Police has been released.

Entitled "Essex Police: Did You Know?", the film features officers, PCSOs and police staff from all across the force.

Less drinking - more thinking - Don't drink and drive - Fire officer Dave Watson

Street Robbery - Dont let this happen to you!

The Met has launched an advertising campaign to help the public protect their belongings, including phones, tablets and jewellery, safe from opportunistic thieves like this one.

Your valuables can be gone in seconds

Watch as a thief steals a woman's phone from right in front of her. Always keep an eye on your valuables in public places.

Special Constables volunteering

at Protective Services (Ops)

Superintendent Pat Casserly encourages Special Constables to volunteer at Protective Services (Ops)

to help enhance and build their skill set.


Weapons Surrender

West Yorkshire Police Weapons Surrender - January 2016

Attempted robbery Barne Barton, Plymouth,

CCTV please identify the suspect

Police in Plymouth have issued CCTV footage of a suspect they wish to identify following an attempted robbery in a City store. The incident occurred at just after 7.00am on Monday 1st February at the Co-op Store in Poole Park Road.

British Police Arrest Burglar

Burglar has been taken into custody and

is high on drugs.

Spring safer 6 2016 highlights

Safer Six is a long-running Sandwell based operation to clean up the borough. The results of the operation have in part attributed to crime levels across the borough being driven to an all-time low. The success of local officers in keeping people safer than ever has drawn national recognition.






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