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So this is our labour of love! The Community First Initiative magazine takes advice and interesting information relating to the world of the emergency services and crime prevention and puts it in front of the people who need it. With excellent coffee table appeal, this glossy publication will be read by thousands, and even if only a few of our readers learn from the advice within and take action, then we will have prevented a number of crimes from happening in your area, and that’s the reason we get up in the morning!


We are proud to post our online edition here, the latest of which contains articles and advice on such themes as the future of policing, bike and vehicle theft prevention, ID theft, assaults on the emergency services and many, many more!


So take a minute to read our work, it could be the difference between becoming another crime statistic and keeping yourself one step ahead!


Click on the Community First Initiative Magazine cover to view as an Ezine...

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