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RCP Magazine - Front Line Hero's - Paramedics

Front Line Hero's. Paramedics Whilst there are occurrences of assaults that may have a genuine and explainable reason, many of the assaults on front line NHS staff are carried out by aggressive men and women who are often drunk or high on drunks and are acting with malicious intent. This is an all too real problem for those in the front line – particularly the brave paramedics that are called upon to deal with the problems often caused by drunkenness in the UK’s towns and cities. Attacks on front line NHS staff are still increasing in certain counties in the UK, but despite the risks these brave men and women still carry out their duty, despite the very real possibility of being assaulted. These assaults can include being punched, kicked, scratched, bitten and attacked with weapons ranging from missiles to knives. For anyone to be assaulted in such a manner is deplorable, but for someone who is actively trying to save someone’s life almost defies belief. A paramedic was assaulted while treating a casualty who was injured in a crash in Leicester. - No one was seriously injured in the collision but whilst the paramedic was treating one of the drivers she was assaulted and received significant injuries. A heroic trainee paramedic was beaten with a baseball bat after he was called out to save a life. Trainee James Steel, 26, was attending a 999 call when he suffered a fractured skull after being beaten as he tried to protect a female crew mate who was being attacked. He spent four days recovering in Royal Preston Hospital.

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